Good Horror Movies

Your heart is pounding, you can feel a little sweat on your brow, or maybe every creak in the house makes you a little jumpy. These are the kinds of feelings a good horror movie should give you -- something like a very mild panic attack, but thrilling instead of anxious.

Good horror movies walk the thin line between fear and pure gross-out action. Schlock horror films of the 70s can throw buckets of blood at the camera for an hour and a half without scaring me as much as an edge-of-the-seat film with little violence. Think of the great German film M by Fritz Lang -- an amazing horror film whose only scene of violence is depicted by a lost balloon.

Classic Horror Movies List

All the same, what constitutes a good horror movie will be different from viewer to viewer. Here's a classic horror movies list, including a variety of gore fests and brainy thrillers.

Eraserhead -- David Lynch's 1977 film defies genre, mixing absurdism with gore and lots of tense action.

Faust -- The 1926 Murnau version is a bit long in the tooth, but his version of the devil is one of the scariest in film history.

Good Horror MoviesAbbott and Costello Meet the Mummy -- For the squeamish or the horror fan who likes a lot of humor thrown in, this classic 1955 film pits two comedy legends against a classic horror movie villain.

The Hand -- A virtually unknown horror film, 1981's The Hand stars Michael Caine and is about a severed hand. That and the fact that Oliver Stone is the director are all you need to find a copy of this unheralded horror movie.

Deep Red -- Dario Argento's masterpiece tossed out the spooky dark streets of classic horror and replaced them with bright light and lots of rock music. Part thriller, part bloodbath, this is a must view for any true horror movie fan.

Freaks -- What could be scarier than a movie about circus freaks? This is a piece of horror movie history, a 1932 film starring actual "freaks" from circus exhibitions.

A Nightmare on Elm Street -- The original of this series is nothing like the dozen or so cheesy, disappointing sequels -- this is a smart horror film -- and it's just as scary today. Expect lots of blood but plenty of content for the thinking horror fan.

Whispering Corridors -- There's a huge market for horror films in Korea, where this 1998 frightener set in an all-girl's school was shot. Part mystery, part thriller, but all horror, there's not a better representative of the Korean horror scene.

Battle Royale -- A list of "good horror movies" is incomplete without this controversial Japanese film. A desolate island? A group of kids forced to kill one another? Exploding necklaces? They're all here.

Tesis -- This Spanish film was the first film by Alejandro Amenabar, best known for 2014's The Others. This film is a psychological thriller, a tense piece of art, and a perfect addition to any horror film library.

Good horror films can scare you, make you laugh, and disgust you all in one sitting. They are a perfect choice for date night and family movie night alike, depending on your choice of movie.